Healthcare Member Advocates


Phone: (213) 200-2987
Email: [email protected]

City Hall, in-person hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
NOTE: In-person City Hall visits are currently suspended due to COVID-19



Phone: (323) 219-6704
Email: [email protected]

City Hall, in-person hours: Tuesday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
NOTE: In-person City Hall visits are currently suspended due to COVID-19




Delta Dental PPO or Preventive Only

DeltaCare USA DHMO





Standard Insurance Company: Life Insurance, AD&D and Disability Insurance
844-505-6025 for general questions
800-843-7979 for evidence of insurability
800-527-0218 for travel assistance


To start a claim on your Life, AD&D, or Disability benefits, start the process with an intake phone call:
844-505-6025 Disability Insurance
213-978-1591 Life or AD&D Insurance

To continue Life or AD&D Insurance after separation of City service:

Conversion (change your coverage to an individual policy) - Download request form
Portability (continue group policy coverage) -  Call 213-978-1591




Spending Accounts

Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
Dependent Care Reimbursement Account
Transit Spending Account
Parking Spending Account



Support Plus - Employee and Family Assistance Program

800-213-5813 (Access Code: CityofLA)
800-367-7474 EAP for Harbor Employees Only


Employee Benefits Division


LAwell Program Benefits Services Center  **Enroll, Make Changes, Confirm Eligibility**
(833) 4LA-WELL (833-452-9355) Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm
Email: [email protected] 


LAwell City Hall Staff

Section Supervisor - Tran, Chuong (Sr. Management Analyst I) 
Phone: 978-1611 \ Email: [email protected]


Communications - Vasquez, Ted (Personnel Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1666 \ Email: [email protected]


Catastrophic Illness
Benefits Protection Plan
(For approved Disability Claims)

Georgeson, Helen (Personnel Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1588\ Email: [email protected]


Support Plus

Jumaoas, Robyann (Management Assistant) 
Phone: 978-1631\ Email: [email protected]


Contractor Support - Lan, Eric (Management Assistant) 
Phone: 978-1617 \ Email: [email protected]


Life Insurance Claims
Tax-Advantaged Accounts

Valencoure, Susan (Personnel Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1591\ Email: [email protected]


Member Service Representatives 
LAwell Benefit Inquires

Civilian Last names: A - F ⇒  Collins, Brianna (Benefits Specialist) 
Phone: 978-1615 \ Email: [email protected]

Civilian Last names: G - I & K - M ⇒ Moore, Khia (Benefits Specialist)  
Phone: 978-1600 \ Email: [email protected]

Civilian Last names: N - V ⇒  Alvarez, Ariana  (Sr. Administrative Clerk) 
Phone: 978-1640 \ Email: [email protected]

Sworn: ALL & Civilian Last names: J, W - Z ⇒ Lopez, Maria (Sr. Administrative Clerk) 
Phone: 978-1584 \ Email: [email protected]


  • COMMUTEwell Program 

Member Service Support
(213) 978-1634  Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm
Email: [email protected]


LAwell City Hall Staff

Section Supervisor - Hirose, Kevin (Sr. Personnel Analyst I) 
Phone: 978-1595 \ Email: [email protected]


Vanpool Coordinator - Verin, Francois (Management Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1593 \ Email: [email protected]


Parking Administration - Aguilar, Marlene (Sr. Administrative Clerk) 
Phone: 978-1625 \ Email: [email protected]


Vanpool & Transit Administration - Torres, Krisandra (Sr. Administrative Clerk) 
Phone: 978-1651 \ Email: [email protected]


Parking & Transit Support - Garcia, Araceli (Administrative Clerk) 
Phone: 972-8179 \ Email: [email protected]



LACERS is the retirement system of regular full-time and half-time employees
Deferred Compensation is a voluntary supplemental retirement account for full-time and half-time employees
Pension Savings Plan is the retirement account of part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees. It is also the retirement account of sworn employees in the drill tower or academy.


Deferred Compensation (Voya)
Voya (844) 523-2457 Mon-Fri 6am to 5pm


Pension Savings Plans (ICMA)



LAwell City Hall Staff

Program Manager - Mach-Yau, Jenny (Sr. Management Analyst II) 
Phone: 978-1597 \ Email: [email protected]


Communications - Ancheta, Anna (Personnel Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1629 \ Email: [email protected]


Operations - Lam, Mindy (Personnel Analyst) 
Phone: 978-1644 \ Email: [email protected]


Participant Services - Guevara, Claudia (Benefit Specialist) 
Phone: 978-1636 \ Email: [email protected]


City Hall Deferred Compensation Retirement Counselors 

Phone: 213-978-1601

- Harris, LaTanya    Email: [email protected]
- Yoshioka, Leslie    Email: [email protected]
- Harman, Steve     Email: [email protected]
- Say, Carol            Email: [email protected]
- Alvarez, Vincent   Email: [email protected]

  • WELLNESS (LIVEwell Program)

LIVEwell is available to anyone receiving LAwell benefits, and offers a variety of practical, abundant support to inspire and empower civilian employees in achieving healthy lifestyles, both at work and at home

LIVEwell Resources

Email: [email protected]


LAwell City Hall Staff

Section Supervisor/Wellness Coordinator - Reyes, Leo (Sr. Personnel Analyst I) 
Phone: 978-1619 \ Email: [email protected]